Our Vision

Leadership in scientific foundation, methodological establishment, and scientific research in the Sharia sciences.

Our Mission

Serving the community by preparing and raising science students who have the ability to carry out the duty of dawah and scientific research.

Our Goals

  1. Carrying out the duty of education and dawah.
  2. Contributing to the Sharia scientific renaissance.
  3. Qualifying and training science students on correct reasoning, training in scientific research, and avoiding systematic deviation in reasoning.
  4. Serving the community by creating safe incubators and activating the status of intellectual security.
  5. A statement of His Eminence, moderation, and distance from extremism and decadence.
  6. Connecting the nation with (ulama) emulated scholars, foremost of whom are al-Salaf al-Salih (the Pious Predecessors).
  7. Taking advantage of modern technologies and means of communication to broadcast and disseminate knowledge .








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