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About Quad Solutions
  • Quad Solutions is a leading national company, that working as a solutions provider for communications and information technology services in all its active and passive fields. Quad Solution offers integrated services and innovative, creative and flexible solutions from end to end for technical services and products, starting from supplying and selling all technical devices and maintaining them to provide services as business Internet and databases, cloud and storage, networks and security solutions, software development and more, with innovative and reliable solutions for all sectors, individuals and companies in both farm start-ups and established .
Our Focus & Presence
  • We are keen to be present at all technology exhibitions, events and business gatherings that related to information technology by being present at all media, digital and traditional levels. We are just away from your direct contact with us on our phone numbers and our accounts or through our trusted network of partners, where we have strategic and distinguished relationships and a selection of global principles that guarantee our customers access to the best solutions, services and support .
Our Goals
  • Quad Solutions seeks to expand in the local market for information technology trade by creating more management solutions to provide appropriate and effective solutions that suit different business needs. And striving to discover new and reliable technologies to help our customers achieve their goals .
Why us ?
  • We are unique from our deep understanding of the market, in addition to the technical skills and extensive practical experience of the management and the team working for the company, and through our location and our presence in the largest local computer market, which allow us to anticipate future trends and meet the growing market needs.
Our Partners
  • Quad Solutions provides innovative and attractive services and solutions that enhance our position and market share. We are committed to providing value-added products, services and solutions to our clients and customers. We are always looking to partner with large and specialized information technology companies to cover all information technology services, in addition to provide proven and effective solutions while investing in expanding our partner network with leading companies in their own field to re-present their services in more flexible ways as solutions for our customers while benefiting from their knowledge, support and experience in the market.





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